Second Body Present: STYX + The Second Body Following their award-winning inaugural season in 2019, Second Body return to Fringe World with two productions: STYX – a theatre-concert about family, myth and memory loss, which returns to its Australian birthplace following highly-acclaimed, 8-time ★★★★★ reviewed, Total Theatre Award-nominated runs in Perth, Edinburgh and London. The Second Body – a brand new work-in-progress about our relationship with climate change, based on Daisy Hildyard’s book of the same title.

The interview was done by Malti Elliott with one of the cast Max Barton.

A Special Day

WA PREMIERE POR PIEDAD TEATRO (Mexico) and PLAYCO (USA) present their celebrated hit production ‘A Special Day” at GIRLS SCHOOL, FRINGE WORLD Critically acclaimed play “A Special Day” tackles fascism with whimsical humour and hope “Fast pace, crack timing and almost whimsical inventiveness.” – The New York Times “A truly outstanding show, you’re missing the entire Fringe experience if you don’t see this” –

OUTSTANDING SHOW, Fringe Review, Prague Fringe “A Special Day”, the critically acclaimed Award-winning play, is a fresh and uniquely theatrical international collaboration between New York’s PlayCo and Mexico City’s Por Piedad Teatro. Mexican actors performing in English a play set in Italy would seem rather odd if theatre was not all about make believe.

Inspired by Ettore Scola’s classic 1977 Italian film, “Una Giornata Particolare”, actors Ana Graham and Antonio Vega use a few props, a piece of chalk and the power of imagination to create a bittersweet human drama about a life changing chance encounter between two neighbors at a time of political unrest. The audience is transported to an apartment building in Rome on May 3,1938; the day that Hitler visited Mussolini. While the entire town has gathered to watch the historic event, two people have stayed home: Antonietta, an overworked housewife and mother of six, and socially outcast former radio announcer Gabrielle. She is doing domestic chores; he is ready to pull the trigger and end his life, until the fateful moment when her parrot flies out of its cage and out the window to his apartment and inadvertently brings them together. Over the course of this very special day, an unconventional bittersweet love story flourishes as the two confront a politically charged landscape in the rise of fascism.

Graham and Vega perform every single role, including Antonietta’s husband, her many children, the porter, even the chirping parrot and ringing telephone. The original staging idea created by Laura Almela and Daniel Giménez Cacho is remarkably true to its story without taking itself too seriously. A brilliant production of a touching yet confronting story that wisely uses creative storytelling to amp up its emotional capital. A Special Day is performed in English at the FRINGE WORLD Hub, Girls School, Home Economics, 2 Wellington St, East Perth, everyday February 3 to 16 at 6.50pm. Awards Adelaide Fringe Theatre Weekly Award 2014 Adelaide Fringe Peace Foundation Award 2014 Prague Fringe Creative Award 2014 Prague Fringe Outstanding Performance Award 2014.

Reviews ★★★★★

“A must see for your Fringe diary” The Sunday Mail, Adelaide Fringe ★★★★★

“A Special Day is a must-see bittersweet drama” British Theatre Guide ★★★★

“A few props and a supply of chalk are all charismatic Mexican actors Ana Graham and Antonio Vega need to create the world of A Special Day” The Advertiser,

Adelaide Fringe ★★★★ “An oasis in the madness of the Fringe”, Edinburgh Fringe “A charming piece of staging with a big heart, performed with great chemistry by Ana Graham and Antonio Vega”

The Scotsman, Edinburgh Fringe “Beautifully structured, absorbing piece of honest theatre” Australian Stage, Adelaide Fringe “Leaves its viewers feeling both warm and wistful” Stage Whispers, Adelaide Fringe “A simple yet powerful story coupled with dedicated actors who believe in theatre’s potential to change the world: one play at a time” PopSpoken, Singapore Fringe “A creative, exciting, layered, and special day it is indeed!” BC, Singapore Fringe “Charming. Surely worth celebrating.”

CRITIC’S PICK, TimeOut New York “As fleeting and fun as a daylong love affair.”- The New Yorker, New York OffBroadway “Genius!” Theatermania, New York About PlayCo Is a New York-based theatre producing adventurous new plays from the USA and around the world. The Play Company’s award-winning international programming advances a dynamic global view of contemporary theatre and expands the American theatre repertoire. About Por Piedad Teatro Is a th producing company with roots in Mexico City that has established itself as creatively relevant by developing meaningful and profound theatre with a specific emphasis on contemporary international plays that are both cutting edge and of high artistic quality.

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