Circa – “Beyond”- Part of the Perth Art Festival

This is a show that takes us on a journey into a world of fantasy through a series of rabbit holes-similar to the Alice in wonderland journey. How would I describe this show – absolutely superb. It could not be faulted on any aspect.

The sets though simple certainly created a touch of Weiman cabaret with plush red curtains to set the scene. The music was appropriate and ranged from Nat King Cole to Andy Williams and Nick Cave.

The performers were amazingly agile and light on their feet and flew around like birds in the air ( actually trapeze artistes). The Chinese pole display was another amazing feature of this show.

Who would have thought a circus show would provide comedy without clowns. Well this is exactly what you get in Beyond. A lot of laughs which were definitely not forced.

I would like to end with the words of the media release that sums up this whole experience so accurately. “This is a show that is set to a bewitching mix of show tunes, ballads and electronica that not only delights but also enthralls. The show provides not only a spectacle but also an extraordinary experience – a circus of the heart.      beyond

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  1. Sounds interesting. But I wonder if this circuit is still operational. If it does, could you please tell what is the entrance fee and how much do I have to pay when every time when I get into the go-kart. And please add any additional details that I haen#&v8217;t mentioned. Thank you.

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