Force Majeure

Force majeure Who is the most important person in your life – your family or yourself? This is the question posed by this very interesting, thought provoking film entitled ” Force Majeure” that is part of the Perth International Film Festival.

This film shows us how a simple thoughtless act could almost destroy a family and ultimately a marriage. The film also provides an insight into the way, 3 different women look at this wonderful institution called marriage.

The heroine of the film considers her family as the most important thing in her life whilst another women in the film is rather uncaring and nonchalant about the whole setup.  She leaves her kids with her husband and takes a break as she needs some time out for rest and recreation – a very liberated and selfish attitude to life in my opinion. The third lady in the film is having an affair with a man old enough to be her father. Here we see another set of relationship dynamics being played out.

The scenery and acting was brilliant. The film was a bit long in my estimation. If the film was cut by 30 minutes, it would not have impacted the story and the film would not appear to be so long winded.

However all in all an interesting film to watch. The discussion on relationships is hard to watch yet difficult to ignore.