Fringe Dance

Briefs Factory

Bite Club features Brisbane’s award-winning cult-cabaret mischief-makers, circus stars, and heart-stopping hooligans Briefs Factory, as they join forces with much celebrated and sainted songbird Sahara Beck.

In an event sautéed in a hedonistic haze, guests will be treated to a shotgun wedding and table settings of music, circus, drag, burlesque, theatre, and comedy. 

Described as one of Australia’s most arresting performers, Sahara Beck’s soaring vocals will blast female pride power into the ferociously fierce displays of talent from the BRIEFS boys you know and love. Their slick tomfoolery and heart-stopping hooliganism will be bathed in suave synth, heady hooks, and swelling strings, all set to a glorious pop pulse.

Presented by:
Briefs Factory

Briefs Factory is an Australian creative collective that manufacture, cultivate and presents evocative, irreverent, physical performance.

Best known for their flagship project Briefs, the award-winning company’s work also includes Club Briefs, The Second Coming, and Brat Kids Carnival. The collective also represents works developed by like-minded artists.

Inspired by circus, drag, dance, burlesque, music, comedy, and the ever-changing world around them, Briefs Factory are dedicated to developing and touring their brand of award-winning, genre-defying, political party punk around the world.


Do you want to be transported to the Lido in Paris for a mere $50? Then this is the show to see. It has all the colour, pomp pageantry and feathers generally associated with the Lido. The only way to describe the show is that it is hypnotising and sends a shiver down one’s spine, when one sees the acrobatics, costumes and general atmosphere created by this wonderful tribe of people.

The MC ( who also happens to be the director and co-founder of the Briefs factory holds the audience in the palm of his hands throughout the show with his witty jokes and charismatic presence.

Each of the five artistes brought something different to the entire show and together they created a terrific sensational experience.

The costumes were superb as would be expected of a drag performance and the sets were also terrifically made. Special mention should be made of the Great champagne glass that  had Captain Kidd playing around in and doing the most wonderful acrobatic stunts.

Music which created the right tempo and atmosphere was provided by sarah Beck and her band called The Sahara Band. Sarah has the most beautiful voice and her singing was so captivating, it demanded the attention it got.

I have seen the Brief troupe perform their shows over the years and each time, I feel it cannot get any better. They have definitely reached their zenith but I am surprised every time because each show is so different and so good. It is obvious a lot of thought, effort and team work has gone into making this huge magnificent performance house full every time.

So do yourselves a favour and get your tickets soon because the show I saw was packed out. Word has got out about how good this show is