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She was revered by millions for her virtuosity & definitive renditions of ‘Feeling Good’, ‘My Baby Just Cares For Me’ and ‘I Put A Spell On You’. But how did little Eunice Wayman, with her dreams of becoming a concert pianist, overcome a life of adversity to become one of the most important voices in American history?

Following their award-winning, sold-out season at FRINGE WORLD 2020, West End Actress/Singer Simone Craddock, and multi-instrumentalist Adrian Galante, join forces once more to explore the inspiring life and music of The High Priestess of Soul.

“Nina, Love Simone channels the High Priestess of Soul…triumphant…an intimate, inspiring celebration” The West Australian, 2020

Presented by:
Simone Craddock

Simone’s dual career in music and theatre has taken her across Asia, Europe and The States. The WA born Singer & Actress has been based in London for the last 20 years, performing in Europe’s most prestigious venues, including Ronnie Scotts, Houses of Parliament and Australia House. She has a presence born of leading roles on the West End stage & International tours of Annie, Jesus Christ Superstar, Dirty Dancing and Hello Dolly!

Having already played the Edinburgh Fringe & London Jazz Festival, Simone was thrilled to return home last year, winning the 2020 Music & Musicals Award for her FRINGE WORLD debut, Nina, Love Simone. Simone is also presenting her world premiere of Ella & Louis, collaborating with 2019 Music & Musicals Award winners, Adam Hall & Adrian Galante.

Nina Loves Simone Review

I went to this show not knowing what to expect. I had not heard of Eunice Wayman(shame on me) though I heard some of her songs but did not realise they belonged to this high Priestess of Soul.

The stage was set and Adrian Galante the pianist first walked on to it and played the most beautiful music I have ever heard. His fingers just seemed to glide over the piano keys. Then walked in beautiful Simone Craddock dressed in a very appealing black outfit.

In her beautifully husky voice Simone told us she was going to sing and talk about this wonderful lady Eunice Wayman who had obviously mesmerised her to such an extent that she decided to devote an entire show to her.

Nina Simone (also known as Eunice Wayman) was a high priestess of soul. She specialized in jazz, classical, blues, gospel and pop music. I feel Simone Craddock is the most appropriate lady to sing and tell us about Nina Simone’s life. She has the voice of an angel and at the same time she has the ability to take us down to the valley of darkness (of which there were many in Nina’s life) when needed.

Simone sings with an intensity of emotion that reveals the highs and lows of Nina’s life. Her voice has a richness of quality that has obviously been acquired through years and years of training.

Simone’s dual career in music and theatre has given her the ability to take on the character of the person she is portraying. This she does with brilliant success in this amazing show.

Simone has returned to Perth after 20 years in London. She is a lady worth following because she has what it takes to be a worldwide sensation. 


The ethos behind the show was to make a sexy circus cabaret – something fun, exciting and a great night out.

​But beyond that, if we were going to make a ‘sexy’ show then it was going to be on our terms. When we look around at many of the other sexy circus shows, we see a lot of the same things. Pretty women dressed up like ornaments performing tease acts, while a high status male host has the most stage time. Performers playing out heteronormative relationships and sexual intimacy on stage. Women having no ‘conversation’ or relationship with one another, and playing out sexuality in a way that we see in the media, that is directed for the male gaze.

​We wanted to make a show that followed the way we think about sex. And the first thing we wanted to do was not to take ourselves too seriously. Because if you are making a show about sex, let’s start with the fact that sex can be silly, and awkward, and messy. That relationships can be complex. That funny is sexy, and sex can be funny.

​We wanted to make a show that celebrated some of the things you don’t see on stage very often. Queer relationships (including bisexual ones). Romance in non-exclusive relationships. Non-binary characters. Kink. Women having sexual freedom, autonomy and enjoyment, in a way that isn’t being played out for the men in the room. Men sharing intimate moments that aren’t necessarily sexual (though sometimes they are).

​We wanted to provide space for our women to be fierce, strong and powerful. We celebrate the male performers being vulnerable with each other. We wanted to show characters that are fully formed people that our audience gets to kow throughout the show.

And we wanted to do this in a way that was fun, light-hearted, and not preachy.

The interview was done by Malti Elliott with Elena Kirschbaum.

Do I Look like I Care?

1982, an immigrant nurse tries to get through the day without losing her morality. Or her perm. The world of nursing is tough. Overworked, underpaid and facing life and death every day. But where would we be without them? Do I Look Like I Care? Is a medical comedy with a feminist edge about the heart and hilarity of the everyday woman. Think Fleabag meets Call the Midwife, with big hair. Developed through the Victorian College of the Arts: Master in Writing for Performance, Do I Look Like I Care? Is the debut play from returning Perth performer and writer-to-watch Daisy Coyle. Based on her mother’s 40-year nursing career, this is a love letter to those in the business of care. Coyle states, “My intention is to share a laugh with audiences, after the year we’ve all shared I truly believe that to share a laugh and a collective sense of joy in the same room together would lift our spirits. Because, after all, laughter is the best medicine” Presented at the State Theatre Centre in Rehearsal Room 1 on the 15th-19th of January at 8pm. Tickets available at Fringe World and Perth Theatre Trust websites and outlets.

A Day in the Life of a Man

Men of the West (in association with Voice Moves WA), are a cultish, boofy, black-clad behemoth of blokes who love (and live) to sing. Inspired by the Georgian male voice tradition, the choir’s repertoire ranges from traditional Georgian songs to surprising covers.

What might a day in the life of a Man in the Men be like?

“You wake up, grab your coffee, maybe cook yourself some eggs; select your finest black clothes and retrieve your hat before heading to rehearsal.”

Step inside the life of a Man of the West, and what a typical rehearsal might be like.

Participation mandatory, hats encouraged.

Last time, Seesaw Mag called us, “Serious slick and silly”.

Well, a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. 

A Day in the Life of a Man is at the Big Top at The Woodside Pleasure Garden 15-22 January 2021

The interview was done by Chris Durrant with Ryan –one of the players in the show.

The Laugh Resort

Media Release

Men of the West

250 First Dates

Tania/28/Perth Well-travelled, black coffee enthusiast, performer by day, bartender by night. Thinker with no filter. Willing to share food on the first date. Fond of: all things potato (couch potatoes need not apply), chocolate in the freezer (controversial, I know), singing, a solid jawline. Not fond of: narcissists, the emotionally unavailable- please, swipe left. Let’s have a drink, share some stories, if there’s enough wine I might even sing. I’m a serial romantic on the hunt for the one, not just date 251! Re-live Tania’s searingly honest one- woman dating odyssey through her 20s as she traverses the new digital dating age from London–Perth–Vancouver and back. Laced with anxiety, heartbreak and finally wisdom. Learn to love yourself by being the spectator of your own tragedies.

Presented By: Back Door Productions

All in all a terrific evening was had by all. The audience were in high spirits (take that anyway you want It) by the end of the evening and I would definitely recommend an evening at this cosy den.

The interview was done by Malti Elliott with Tanya – the performer in the show.

We were presented an amazing smorgasbord of talent on Wednesday – 13th Jan. at the Laugh Resort in Yaagan Square. This is a really nifty comedy lounge that showcases rising and emerging talent as well as a lot of established ones.

Wednesday – 13th Jan was a sneak preview into some of the shows that would be available at this cosy little comedy bar. Let me provide you with an insight into what I saw.

The show was MC.ed  by Jon Bennett who has obviously had a lot of international exposure. He whipped up the crowd into frenzy by asking us to play a game that got us all hyped up and excited.

We then had the first act of the evening. A lovely boy from Africa who I think resides in South Australia. Anyway, Zeppo the Leppo was extremely funny and interesting as well.

He was followed by John Pinno – the Pom who has a show called “The Heckle” .

He was followed by Alissia Marsh who is an intersex advocate (I thought she was fully lesbian). Alissia is a strong outspoken lesbian who has been described as an outspoken rising star of the Oz comedy scene. Her next show at the Laugh Resort is King of the lesbians”.

Alissia was followed by Ross Vegas. I did not find him very funny but his rapid fire rhymes about love, life and the universe was accompanied by a hip hop sort of melody. Very interesting and quite different.  Could be described as quite unusual as well.

We then had a short interval which was followed by what I thought was one of the best acts of the evening. Takashi Wakasugi – the Japanese backpacker was one of those youngsters who was so obviously Japanese but who loved Australia despite the dirt and grime that he saw as a backpacker. We all know that Australia is known for its cleanliness but Takashi gave us a view of what life as a backpacker was – not a pretty picture but extremely funny none the less.

We then had Tor Synder – can’t really make up my mind about this one.

And of course the show closed with Andrew Wolfe – the best was left for the end – a very wise decision. Andrew can only be described as a high fuelled maniac who is extremely funny. His next show “ Circling the drain” should be great.