‘A revolution in the spectacle of circus.’


A Perth Festival commission
Presented in collaboration with Co:3 Australia, MAXIMA Circus and CircusWA

Circa’s internationally-renowned ensemble joins with a local cast of circus performers, professional dancers and young people for a world premiere circus event. The art of circus is taken in an exciting new direction as 36 performers hang from a grid suspended in the air and propel themselves across the stage, tumbling, balancing and soaring together.

Leviathan connects the local with the global and the emerging with the visionary in an exhilarating circus experience directed by Yaron Lifschitz. The dramatic power and extreme skill of Circa’s trademark acrobatics thrillingly expose the tension between the mass and the individual in an epic theatrical event that is both deeply moving and physically stunning.

Review of Leviathan

Circa’s internationally renowned ensemble joins with a local cast of circus performers and dancers from a very interesting group called CO3.

The show centres around a huge life like raft hanging from a ceiling. Actors tumble, dance and soar above it in a show that highlights what complete trust and understanding can bring about in a passionate group of performers. The dramatic power and extreme skill of Circa’s trademark acrobatics thrillingly expose the tension between the mass and the individual in an epic theatrical event that is both deeply moving and physically stunning.

Pyramids of all sizes are constructed by human bodies in a matter of minutes and movements takes place so quickly that if one blinks one is likely to lose part of the performance. Really thrilling and exciting to watch.

This is Circa but not as you know it. Skilled acrobats, dancers and circus performers tumble, balance and propel themselves across the stage.

This is a monumental theatre experience that will leave you breathless and asking for more. I would like to end in the words of Les Echos who describes it as “a revolution in the spectacle of circus”

ILBIJERRI Theatre Company and TeRēhia Theatre Company announce the 2020 national and international premiere tour of BLACK TIES.A hilarious and heart-warming immersive theatre experience, BLACK TIES is a love story about the coming together of two First Nations families where audiences are the wedding guests!

The making of BLACK TIES has also been a coming together, in a rich and rigorous international cultural exchange, of two First Nations theatre companies, ILBIJERRI Theatre Company (Australia) and TeRēhia Theatre Company(Aotearoa/New Zealand).

With a score of Black anthems and wedding classics, rocked out by a live three-piece band, led by Brendon Boney, of Microwave Jenny, and featuring Laughton Kora of Kora and Neon Ninja,BLACK TIES will be a party to remember!

What a great introduction to one of the Masterpieces of this year. I am very fortunate to have Rachel Maza the director of this fabulous show on the line to tell us a little about her production. Good day Rachel and welcome to the Perth Art & Entertainment website. Let’s start at the very beginning. You are the artistic director for the Ilbijerri Company. Tell us how this started and when you realised you would have a career in drama.

The Ilbijerri theatre has been in existence for 30 years. Unfortunately, you have not made many trips to sunny perth, so could you please inform my audience a little about your company.

Te Rehia theatre company is another company we are not very familiar with. Tell us about this one please.

You and Tainui have jointly decided to direct this production. Why did you decide to have 2 directors.

The name Black ties suggests a very stiff upper lip event which I am sure this show isn’t. Please give us an inkling of what the audience can expect.

Your media release describes the show as the coming together of 2 nations families in a great love story. Give us an idea of how kane wooed hera.

Kane and hera are from 2 different first nation countries. Tell us about some of the similarities in culture between the 2 peoples.

What about the dissimilarities between the 2 peoples.

How did the 2 families overcome any problems that may have arisen.

We the audience are the wedding guests at this show. Does this mean we will be served a delicious wedding banquet?

Your media release talks about the show having a score of wedding anthems. Please tell us more about this.

Are the wedding classics the convention ones that we hear at normal western weddings or are they some special songs that are peculiar to either the Maori and aboriginal culture.

Tell us about the families of the 2 soon to be married couple.

John Harvey the co-writer of this play wanted to make a play that your aunts, uncles and elders could enjoy. How did it end up as “ Black ties”.

This work is a celebration of the resilience of the Black fellas and Maoris. Tell us how you have shown this in your play.

Give us an idea of the important cultural ideas we may be exposed to during the course of the play.

Your media release talks about both your nations thriving despite the shared experience of colonisation. Do you think colonisation brought any benefits to your people or was it an all out horrible experience.

One of the reviews I read said and I quote “ as the biggest mob of aunties, uncles and cousins from both sides of the ditch get worked up for the blackest wedding ever reality sinks in” Will this international love story bring 2 cultures together or will it blow hera & Kanes world apart. I am sure you will not want to give away the whole story but just give us an idea of what to expect during the show.

Both maories and Aboriginals have such a joyous hilarious approach to life which will be obvious in this show. Tell us what sort of jokes we should be prepared to hear.

Gosh time has flown. It has been such a delight talking to you Rachel. Before I say good bye I will give you 3 minutes to sell your shop and convince our audience that this is a show that no one can miss if they are lovers of good drama.

Thank you so much Rachel for talking to us on the Perth art & Entertainment website. I wish you all the best and really look forward to speaking to you soon about another great show. Good bye

So there you have it listeners – This is going to be a show like no other. It will be filled with music, fun laughter and terrific acting. What more can you ask for in an evening’s entertainment.

The interview done by Malti Elliott with the director Rachel Maza.