Rehearsals are now underway for the much-anticipated reimagined production of Baz Luhrmann’s iconic film-turned-musical Strictly Ballroom. Ballroom Dance Champion and long-term cast member of the internationally acclaimed Burn The Floor, Perth’s Kallyanne Brown, is working hard to turn this talented cast of musical theatre performers into credible Ballroom dancers. If day one of rehearsals is any indication audiences will be impressed by the talent and just how hard the dancers have worked to evoke the style and elegance inherent with Ballroom dancing. This production is produced and directed by Drew Anthony Creative (DAC) who in 2022, at The Royale Theatre at Planet Royale, created a new niche in the Perth theatre landscape. DAC sold 10,559 tickets, engaged 101 artists in paid positions, achieved a direct economic impact of $1,217,431, gained an audience satisfaction rating of 98% and scored an NPS (net promoter score) of 84. (data provided by Culture Counts) Tickets are selling fast for Strictly Ballroom the Musical which will play 28 performances throughout June. With a stellar cast of Perth-based performers and an entirely Perth creative team this much-anticipated production promises to ‘burn the floor’, dazzle, entertain Perth’s musical theatre audiences.

The interview was done by Chris Durrant with the director Drew Anthony

Bernie’s Olde Tyme Music Hall Devised and Directed by Dame Kerry Goode Garrick Theatre is proud to present ‘Bernie’s Olde Tyme Music Hall’ a traditional Olde Tyme Music Hall show, in honour of dear Guildfordian and Master of Ceremonies Sir Bernard Doyle. The season runs from November 24 to December 10 at the historic theatre and is the ideal show as we lead into the festive season and wrapping up Garrick’s 90th Anniversary celebrations.

 Devised and directed by Dame Kerry Goode the show will be laden with a bounty of jokes, skits, music and melodrama in the traditional flair at the turn of the 20th century all whilst toasting Her Majesty Queen Victoria throughout the night. Life Member and Director Dame Kerry Goode said, “Of course, some content will be politically incorrect, but who cares?! It’s what it was at the turn of the century. “The contents of this show will be performed in the traditional music hall genre and audience participation is highly encouraged” she said.

A show full of hilarity, song and fun. Audiences will be rolling with laughter during this madcap melodrama. Written by Yvette Wall, this melodrama – ‘Ladies Who Wait’, came second at the recent Short & Sweet Festival at Subiaco Arts Centre. Yvette has kindly offered an extended version for the Music Hall. Longstanding Guildford and Swan region residents and theatre goers would remember Oliver’s Olde Tyme Music Hall which was well known for their regular performances in the 1980s and 90s at the local Mechanic’s Institute.

The group was also known as Oliver’s Travelling Music Hall and toured often to regional country areas. Music Hall is a form of British theatrical entertainment which was in its heyday between 1850 and 1960. It is a particular form of variety entertainment involving a mixture of popular song, comedy and specialty acts. British Music Hall was similar to American Vaudeville, featuring rousing songs and comic acts. While in the United Kingdom the term Vaudeville referred to more lowbrow entertainment that would have been termed Burlesque in the United States.

With a bounty of familiar performers well known from way back in the day to recent times, the show features Master of Ceremonies Madame Siobhan Vincent, Miss Fiona Forster, Miss Colleen Bradford, Garrick Theatre 16 Meadow Street, Guildford WA 6055 Mr Christopher Churchouse, Miss Victoria Abbott, Mr Ray Egan, Mr Alan Shaw, Miss Colleen Hopkins, Miss Susan Vincent, Miss Jenna McGougan-Shaw and special guest Sir Les Layton. PLUS Accompanist the Kitten on the Keys Miss Kendra Smith. Performance Dates: November 24, 25, 26, 27*, December 1, 2, 3^, 4*, 8, 9, 10 Times: Evening shows start 7.30pm and *matinees at 2pm. Saturday December 3 has both a matinee and evening show. Doors open 30 minutes prior to curtain. Garrick Theatre: 16 Meadow Street, Guildford Tickets: $25 Full, $22 Concession, $20 Members, $15 Child under 12years (plus processing fees) Bookings: or phone TAZ Tix 9255 3336

The interview was done by Chris Durrant with the director Kerry Goode


107 is back; bigger, better, and brattier. Premiering to critical acclaim and standing ovations at Summer Nights 2022, 107 is a fun and fierce homegrown musical celebrating the resilience of our youth. Four girls meet on a hot, summer morning, killing time and testing boundaries as they wait for the school bus. Writer and composer Michele Gould describes the show as “flipping stereotypes on their heads, whilst also flipping them off. A fever dream of my private school memories, wild friends, and the experience of growing up queer.”

Lets have a chat with Michele Gould the writer of the play and find out what she has to say about her amazing musical.

Good day Michele and welcome to the Perth Art & Entertainment website.

Lets start at the very beginning. Give us a brief idea of your journey in the world of Drama

I started my journey actually pursuing science. I finished a Biomedical degree before auditioning for WAAPA and am so grateful to have studied at both incredible institutions, but the arts is my dream. 

You are the writer of this peppy musical entitled “ 107’” What inspired you to write about your experiences growing up queer.

A passion of mine is being the change you want to see in the world; I wanted representation for the stories that I wish I’d had growing up.

I have read a quick synopsis of the musical. Is there anything of importance that I may have left out that you may like to add.

We have more than just punk! I am incredibly proud of this sound track and am very excited for the few surprises we have for the audiences, old and new.

Your media release talks about this musical celebrating the resilience of youth. What exactly are you saying on this topic.

This musical to me is about survival. It’s about going through the toughest of times, with your best friends by your side, and claiming the bravery it took to get through it all.

Obviously the musical was performed for Summernights 2022. You say that the current production is bigger and  better. What sort of changes have you made to the original script.

Our script has had a few edits, but in terms of length it’s almost the same! I’ve added more detail to some of the characters, but we’ve extended the show mostly through music. I think the story just became a lot more clear for me as I had more time to sit with the work.

The musical basically talks about 4 girls who test boundaries while they are waiting for their school bus. What sort of activities do they indulge in to test their boundaries.

I think in a way each character brings out a new shade of each other, in the way that your friends in real life do. Some people will bring out the best, and some the worst, and it’s all about figuring out who you want to be.

One of your reviewers has said that the musical is exhilarating and masterful being likened to the Breakfast club meets Spring awakening. What exactly did they mean by this.

I think this musical feels nostalgic, even though it’s completely new, because it’s a homage to these experiences and the coming-of-age stories that we all consumed growing up. I was inspired by these works, and they were very formative in my creative journey, so it’s such a compliment that something I made reminds people of these works.

They also described it as cinematic and poignant Do you have beautiful visuals that enhance the experience.

I think our lighting design by Katrina Johnston is absolutely breathtaking. It really heightens the experience and creates a magical atmosphere for the audience. It feels like we get transported to this world and just get to see what happens.

What are your sets like

I’m a minimalist at heart and I absolutely love working with our director Daley Rangi as they are also a Beckett-inspired creative. Our set both times has really just consisted of the bus stop bench, but it’s because we wholeheartedly believe in the depth of the text and music, and the talent of the cast to bring the work to life.

Do you have any lighting special effects?

I would say everything about the design makes for a special effect, but again we’ve gone minimal. I think it’s very fun to see what you can do with less!

And ofcourse we come to the beautiful music that has been highly appreciated by all who have seen the show. Give us an inkling of what types of songs we could expect to hear. 

Punk, punk-pop, pop-rock, a bit of jazz, a bit of indie… There’s so much, and it was fun trying to figure out how to combine everything so it all worked together to create one beautiful tapestry of sound. 

Who is responsible for writing the words to the songs.

The lyrics and composition are my own, but I worked with a brilliant vocal director Vanitha Hart to arrange and teach the harmonies for the songs and she turned the bare-bones that I had into incredible full musical numbers. I’ve also worked with a producer Luke Minness and it’s been really fun learning from him and seeing the depth he’s added to these tracks to really make them pop.

And finally in a nutshell tell us a little about your 4 very talented performers. 

I honestly couldn’t do it in a nutshell; I love them so much and the individuality and talent that they bring to these characters make me so endlessly grateful and excited to see them again in this space.

Before I say good bye is there anything I may not have mentioned that you would like to talk about.

Just that I’d love to mention our incredible stage manager Ari Rahim, who couldn’t be part of the summer night’s season but we’re thrilled to be working with now. They’ve just fit right into the whole cosy dynamic of the team and have been incredibly helpful when we had to do rehearsals over Zoom!

Thank you so much Michelle for talking to us on The Perth Art and entertainment website. I wish you all the best and look forward to speaking to you soon about another great show. Good bye

SO there you have it listeners  the fourth wall media has described this show as “Dynamic and energetic, the performers sparking and fizzing…a musical for those who are not willing to give up their voice or have not spoken up yet…hands down one of the best new soundtracks around.” With review like this do you think you can afford to miss this brilliant musical that talks about a very important section of our society. 

Michele Gould

Dick Whittington

Fun for the whole family as we follow the adventures of young Dick Whittington, come to London to make his Fortune. Along the way he has to fight off the machinations of the Evil King Rat and his rat pack, aided only by his faithful (but sarcastic) talking cat, and the occasional magic of Fairy Bowbells. Will he win through and gain the heart of the beautiful Alice? And how much help will he get from Sara the Cook or Blackbeard the Pirate? Children will love his visits to a gypsy camp, a pirate ship, and the cooking pots of the native tribe of a desert island. And adults will enjoy the jokes and irreverence that are part of pantomime!!

GRADS’ new production of Dick Whittington and his Cat is a joyful, traditional Christmas pantomime, set in the beautiful open-air surrounds of the New Fortune Theatre on the UWA campus. There will be plenty of chances for kids (of all ages) to get involved in the laughs and the action of this timeless tale. So come along and join in the fun!

The SpongeBob Musical

The SpongeBob Musical will delight young and old

The SpongeBob Musical explodes with colour and energy this October at the Regal Theatre and features an original pop and rock score by Grammy® Award-winning songwriters including John Legend, Panic! At the Disco, Plain White T’s and They Might Be Giants. The musical is based on the iconic Nickelodeon™ series by Stephen Hillenburg and features a book by Kyle Jarrow. 

We arrive in Bikini Bottom to meet SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward and the rest of the inhabitants facing the total annihilation of their undersea world. Fortunately, a most unexpected and absorbent hero rises to the challenge of saving the town he loves. 

Like the residents of Bikini Bottom, the cast and crew of this production of The SpongeBob Musical fought hard to save the show when it was facing total annihilation due to lack of funding. Thanks to many wonderful, kind sponsors they managed to raise enough money to keep the show afloat. 

The SpongeBob Musical has humanity, heart, and glorious theatricality. It is suitable for the whole family and you don’t have to be a fan of the cartoon to enjoy this delightful production brimming with multi-talented Perth performers. 

The SpongeBob Musical plays at 7:30pm on October 27, 28, 29and 30 with 2pm matinees on October 29 & 30. Tickets are from $40.00 -$69.95. Book now at or on 08 9388 2066 (Regal Theatre). The Regal Theatre is located at 474 Hay Street, Subiaco.

The interview was done by Chris Durrant with the director David Nelson


Chicago at the Planet Royale  Theatre is a sublime musical complete with everything you would hope for from this classic: scandal, sensuality, and a whole lot of murder. Telling the story of Roxie Hart, a young dancer who kills her ex-lover and finds herself swept up in the whirlwind of the press surrounded by other murderous women, this production of Chicago has earned its place as one of the best shows.

 It is the second longest  running ‘ show in Broadway history’, Chicago, is a remarkable performance of vice and sin. Set in early 20th century Chicago, the musical, which is an adaptation of the play by Maurine Watkins, harks back to years of the Jazz Age.

We follow the story of Roxie Hart who, after murdering her lover, finds herself in the Cook County Jail. Here we are introduced to the likes of Velma Kelly and Mama Morton as we watch the characters in their pursuit of fame and acts of deceit. However the pair seem more concerned with their fickle fame and public image than their life and death situation. Neither character has any sense of morality as they navigate their way through the media madness – desperately clutching on to every ounce of attention they can garner.

The interview was done by Malti Elliott with one of the stars Brendon Hanson.

The Marvelous Wonderettes

The Marvelous Wonderettes will keep you smiling in this must-take musical trip down memory lane!

“One irresistible musical! An utter charm bomb!” – The New York Times.

This smash off-Broadway hit takes you to the 1958 Springfield High School prom where we meet Betty Jean, Cindy Lou, Missy, and Suzy, four girls with hopes and dreams as big as their hairdos! As we learn about their lives and loves the girls serenade us with classic ‘ 50s hits including “ Lollipop,”  “ Stupid Cupid,” and “ Lipstick on Your Collar.”

In act two, the Wonderettes reunite to take the stage and perform at their ten-year reunion. We learn about the highs and lows the girls have experienced in the past decade and are charmed to find that no matter what life throws their way, they will conquer it together. Featuring over 30 classic ’ 50s and ’ 60s hits.

Starring Sian Dhu, Bella Lambert, Gemma Little & Caris Reid.

The interview was done by Chris Durrant with the director Carole Dhu

The World goes round


The world keeps spinning at Midnite The Midnite Youth Theatre Company talented performers will come together next month to perform The World Goes ’Round, a lively musical revue encompassing songs from such award[1]winning Kander and Ebb musicals as Cabaret, Chicago and New York, New York.

 John Kander and Fred Ebb are the longest-running collaborative partnership in musical theatre history. Liza Minnelli, Chita Rivera, Barbra Streisand, Frank Sinatra, Lauren Bacall, and Robert Goulet are among the many who have performed their work.

 Conceived by Scott Ellis, Susan Stroman, and David Thompson, The World Goes ’Round first appeared on Broadway in 1992. It features songs selected from the popular musicals such as “All That Jazz” and “Mr Cellophane” from Chicago and “Money” and “Maybe this Time” from Cabaret.

 The World Goes ’Round will be directed by Artistic Director of Midnite, Gregory Jones, whose credits range from musical theatre and plays to devised works. Also on the creative team is Musical Director, Jackson Griggs, Choreographer, Claire Nichols and assisting the production is cabaret performer, Simone Craddock.

 “We are delighted to bring this incredible revue to life, filled with great songs and style,” says Midnite’s Artistic Director, Gregory Jones.

The production brings together a talented ensemble of emerging young performers from 18 to 25 years selected from throughout WA.

 “We have an incredibly talented team guiding these young performers through this fantastic repertoire by Kander and Ebb. These energetic and colourful songs embody the wit and enthusiasm of the writers but also embrace the raw emotions of heartbreak and loss.”

The season runs from 9 to 12 March, Downstairs @ the Maj, His Majesty’s Theatre. Tickets can be purchased online through the Perth Theatre Trust website.

The interview was done by Chris Durrant with one of the performers Maya Curtis


The multi award winning team at Grey Lantern Productions is thrilled to present the AUSTRALIAN PREMIER of the stunning NEVERMORE: THE IMAGINARY LIFE AND MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF EDGAR ALLAN POE at the Subiaco Arts Centre, 1-4 December 2021.


Dark and dazzling, bizarre and beautiful, Nevermore – The Imaginary Life and Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe is a unique and wildly theatrical musical play combining haunting music, poetic storytelling, and stunning stagecraft to chronicle the fascinating and moving life story of iconic American writer Edgar Allan Poe, one of the world’s most famous and fascinating writers.
Nevermore blends fact and fiction to create a darkly immersive experience that is difficult to describe, but impossible to forget. A literary rock star in his day, Poe struggled with tragedy and addiction, poverty and loss, yet produced some of the world’s most original, visionary and enduring literature before dying in unexplained circumstances at the age of 40.

 At once gorgeous and grotesque, exploring the events that shaped Poe’s character and career and giving powerful expression to Poe’s words “all that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”

 CREDITS: Book, Lyrics and Music by Jonathan Christenson, By permission of ORiGiN™ Theatrical on behalf of Playscripts, Inc.

 Director – Lorna Mackie Production Manager – Mike McAllan Musical Director – Maddison Moulin Choreographer – Anita Telkamp

Edgar Allan Poe – Cal Silberstein Players: Simon Brett, Daniel Burton, Zac Bennett-McPhee, Charlotte Williams, Erin Craddock, Arianne Westcott-King *** This show has adult themes***

Where: Subiaco Arts Centre, Main Stage

When: 1-4 December 2021

Suitable: Recommended 15+, this show has adult themes including suicide, depression, addiction and child marriage

The interview was done by Malti Elliott with the Assistant Director Mitch Lawrence.

Jack and the Bean Stalk

Jack and the Beanstalk Jack Trot and his mother, Dame Trot live in a village called Merrydale. Jack is in love with King Bertram’s daughter, the lovely Princess Demelza. The village is being terrorised by the Giant who lives Up-In-The Clouds. He demands increased taxes and the hand of the Princess in marriage. In order to pay the Giant, Dame Trot and Jack are forced to sell their cow Daisy. However, Jack is tricked by Slimeball, the Giant’s henchman, who pays him in beans instead of cash; and who abducts the Princess and takes her to the Giant. Jack throws the beans away in disgust, but magically they grow into a huge beanstalk allowing him to climb up into the clouds to rescue the Princess. Will it end happily ever after?

The interview was done by Chris Durrant with Gwen Browning .

Mamma Mia

ABBA’s hits tell the hilarious story of a young woman’s search for her birth father. This sunny and funny tale unfolds on a Greek island paradise. On the eve of her wedding, a daughter’s quest to discover the identity of her father brings three men from her mother’s past back to the island they last visited 20 years ago.

The story-telling magic of ABBA’s timeless songs propels this enchanting tale of love, laughter and friendship, creating an unforgettable show. A large cast, non-stop laughs and explosive dance numbers combine to make Mamma Mia! a guaranteed smash hit. A mother. A daughter. Three possible dads. And a trip down the aisle you’ll never forget!

The interview was done by Chris Durrant with Chris Dodson & Hayley Parker

Presented by: Serasi Entertainment

Briefs Dirty Laundry

BRIEFS BOYS TO TAKE OVER GIRLS SCHOOL Briefs are heading back to Perth with a very special presentation outside the regular FRINGE WORLD Festival season for the first time in ten years!

 This time, they’ve got a hills hoist in tow and they’re ready to air all of their dirty laundry in their brand-new show, Briefs Dirty Laundry. This WA Premiere will take over Girls School from 11 – 22 August 2021.

With more glitter stains and ballsy attitude than ever before, your favourite Briefs misfits give you a night of intoxifying physicality, unapologetic truths and gob-smacking comedy. Turn your cycle to HOT as you watch these boys tumble dry.

 Led by Briefs Creative Director, Fez Fa’anana (aka Shivanana), Briefs Dirty Laundry features a line-up of lads you know and love (Mark ‘Captain Kidd’ Winmill, Thomas Worrell and WA’s own Louis Biggs) as well as some shiny new toys and boys (Brett Rosengreen, Dylan Rodriguez and Luke Hubbard).

 Don’t miss out on this chance to see the ridiculous showmanship of the Briefs boys who were disappointed to cancel their Perth appearance earlier this year at FRINGE WORLD 2021 due to a COVID-19 breakout in Queensland.

 Fa’anana explains: “Dirty Laundry is an opportunity to creatively, metaphorically and candidly get some sh*t off our chest, to ‘air our dirty laundry’. A space for the audience to free themselves with the fabric of our relationships and overindulge with the floral maskings of a softener. These interesting and unpredictable times may give us the spin cycle that we need to speak truths and let muddy waters drain. A chance to super-soak and stain-remove the blemishes that can spoil the load. We launder our collective thoughts and our Y-fronts, we rinse off the residue, spin dry some sense into ourselves and throw caution to the hills hoist.”

Briefs Dirty Laundry is a co-production between Briefs Factory International, ARTRAGE and Cluster Arts. “There’s no chance for a boring winter when the Briefs boys are in town. This is a ridiculously entertaining show and it’s one of the many new things that ARTRAGE has on the cards for Perth. It’s part of our plan to find more ways to entertain the people of Perth when we’re not all busy Fringe-ing” said ARTRAGE CEO Sharon Burgess.

Tickets from $42 or $60 for the VIP Briefs Deluxe Full Service featuring table service. Tickets are on sale now from

 Girls School is the fabulous art-deco building located in East Perth and is presented by ARTRAGE, the team behind FRINGE WORLD Festival. Girls School is a creative hub featuring a winter cinema and special events. BRIEFS DIRTY LAUNDRY Girls School // 2 Wellington Street, East Perth 11 – 22 August 2021

 7:30pm Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 7:30pm & 9:30pm Friday and Saturday Restricted to audiences aged 18+ Tickets on sale now from

This is an interview with Fez Fa’anana – the creative director and Chris Durrant.

Puttin’ On the Ritz

Dig out your sequins, put on your glad rags and slip into your dancing shoes. It’s time to head back to the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Following the huge success of their 2017 debut Australian tour, Puttin’ On the Ritz is back by popular demand and gliding its way across Australian May and June for an all-singing, all-dancing celebration of some of the most iconic music of all time.

Presented by Mellen Events, Puttin’ On the Ritz delivers all the razzamatazz and style, celebrating the most famous songs which hark back to the glory days of Hollywood. This wonderful extravaganza features a 16-strong stellar cast of six multi-talented vocalists and 10 energetic dancers direct from London’s West End.

The interview was done by Chris Durrant with Graham Macduff.

MIMMA:A Musical of War and Friendship to have World Premiere

at The Regal Theatre, Subiaco

The Regal Theatre Subiaco will be the host to the West Australian production of the new musical, Mimma: A musical of war and friendship, from Orana Productions, with the season running from April 9 -21, 2019.

The original musical is the result of several years of collaboration between WA based author Dr Giles Watson and composer, Ron Siemignowski.   Incorporating completely new musical numbers, including a blend of Jazz, Opera and Musical Theatre, ‘Mimma’ is a musical that bridge contents and cultures.

Producer and Composer Ron Siemignowski said: “We are very excited to see ‘Mimma’ come to life.  What started with small dreams and ambition has turned into an incredible production with an amazing cast & crew, both local and international talent investing time into creating something that we can all be proud of”.

The Story…

The shadow of Fascism spreads across Italy as Mimma, a young journalist from Turin, takes refuge at her Uncle Lorenzo’s nightclub in Soho, London.  As another World War becomes inevitable, Mimma forges an unassailable friendship with Sarah, an aspiring jazz singer, while her family are increasingly embroiled in resistance against Mussolini.  The coming conflict brings out the best and worst in people as Mimma’s brother is captured, Londoners prepare for Hitler’s Blitz, and fears of betrayal reach fever pitch.  Even refugees and firm opponents of the dictators are classified as “Enemy Aliens”.  Mimma and Sarah are caught in the turmoil as Soho is torn apart by arrests and internments.  England and Italy are facing their darkest hours, and Mimma is in danger of losing everything.  Everything – that is, except the one friend she can trust.

The Cast…

Casting the lead role of Mimma was a relatively easy task, when Australian Soprano, Mirusia Louwerse read the Libretta via her agent.  Mirusia immediately jumped on board and is very excited to be part of the production: “This incredible new musical features such beautiful and exciting music, I fell in love with the melodies when I first heard them. The storyline and the script is something so different and fresh, yet it is based on true events during the Second World War in Italy and England. I am honoured and proud to be creating the role of Mimma and giving life and a voice to an incredible character.”

Mirusia has spent 10 years performing as the Star Soprano of André Rieu and is one of the most celebrated voices in the world.  She has performed in front of country leaders, royalty and sung live to many millions of fans across every continent.  Mirusia is celebrated for the vocal clarity, dexterity and exquisite tone she brings to the world stage.

Directed by Adam Mitchell, previously with Black Swan Theatre Company, Mimma also stars world renowned Baritone, Jason Barry-Smith in the lead male role of Aldo, with WAAPA graduate & accomplished musical theatre actress, Holly Meegan playing Sarah.

They are joined by Canadian Opera star Suzanne Kompass, WA based Igor Sas and Ian Toyne in the main cast. Mimma’s ensemble cast are all proudly West Australian performers whilst the production will feature original music performed by The Perth Symphony Orchestra under Musical Director Sean O’Boyle.

The interview was done by Chris Durrant with the Ron Siemiginowski, the Composer and Producer of the musical


Love, jealousy, and utter foolery
Dolphin Theatre, UWA
September 6 – 15, 2018

You can’t hurry love

Fashion, pretension, celebrity culture and the pursuit of love are the targets for the wicked wit of WS Gilbert and musical brilliance of Arthur Sullivan in their timeless musical comedy, Patience, opening at the Dolphin Theatre on September 6, 2018.

Gilbert and Sullivan’s hilarious satire on the “art for art’s sake” movement, epitomised by Oscar Wilde and his followers, is a timeless take on the crazes, fads and fashions that have the power to enslave us all to this day.

First produced in 1881, Patience sees the finest and manliest specimens of Her Majesty’s Dragoon Guards go into a state of shock when they realise that the hearts of the most eligible young ladies about town are being stolen by a pair of “beauty loving” poetry-worshipping dandies.

Mayhem breaks out as they attempt to win their intended brides back to their side by any means possible. Even going as far as devising and declaiming poetry themselves and shedding their spiffing uniforms for something more … erm … exquisite?

Presented by The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of WA, Patienceis directed by acclaimed G&S exponent, Alan Needham (HMS Pinafore 2017, Trial By Jury, Cox & Box 2015), who has appeared in all 14 of Gilbert and Sullivan’s comic operas. He is joined by musical directors, Michael Brett (Iolanthe 2016, HMS Pinafore 2017, The Gondoliers 2018) and Georg Corall making his directorial debut with the Society.

Needham said Patience is one of the funniest shows in the G&S comic repertoire and that its nineteenth century setting belies its contemporary relevance.

“It is an eternal delight to see Gilbert gleefully pop the balloons of pretension and pomposity whether it be from fake poets overly fond of reciting their own verses or manly posturing,” he said. “Patience is a rollicking romp through the follies of fashion and the foibles of the heart that will have you in stitches and chuckling long after you leave the theatre. And maybe even striking a few poses and reciting a few verses of your own!”

The Society is thrilled to welcome back Ross Bryant as the poet Bunthorne (The Gondoliers 2016), David Cosgrove (HMS Pinafore 2017, The Gondoliers 2018) as Major Murgatroyd, Belinda Cox (Iolanthe2016, HMS Pinafore 2017, The Gondoliers 2018), as Lady Jane, and Grace Feltoe (HMS Pinafore 2017, The Gondoliers 2018) as Patience with a superb cast of Society singers and a live orchestra.

Tickets are extremely limited for the nine performance season. Don’t miss out. Bookings can be made 24/7 on (no online booking charges) or on 6488 2440 between noon and 4 pm Monday to Friday.

Founded in 1951, The Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Western Australia has produced over 50 productions of Gilbert & Sullivan’s extraordinary contribution to the musical theatre. Founded by Bernard Manning, the Society is supported by The Gilbert & Sullivan / AN Bullock Trust created in 1983 through the bequest of the late Arnold Bullock. Distinguished entertainer, Max Kay became the Patron of the Society after the late Sir Charles Court. Over seven decades, the Society has brought laughter and joy through the comedy and melody of W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan to generations of Western Australians. For more information:

The interview was done by Chris Durrant with the director of the play Alan Needham


Hit U.S. Big Band Swing Celebration Returns for Silver Jubilee

“Sensational all-swinging show… it’s the total package” The Adelaide Advertiser

“Seeing IN THE MOOD isn’t an option, it’s a MUST!”

Celebrating its 25th anniversary and back by popular demand, Mellen Events presents the smash U.S. 1940s big band swing celebration IN THE MOOD, returning to Australia for another triumphant run of shows in 2018.

Afterselling out seasons in 2011, 2013 and 2016, IN THE MOOD commemorates its Silver Jubilee year with a 4th Australian visit. With matinee and evening shows across the country, IN THE MOOD is an uplifting treat for the whole family and the perfect opportunity to get in early for your most inspired and desired Mother’s Day gift yet!

IN THE MOOD brings you back to the bold, beautiful days of the 30s and 40s when the joint was jumping to the hot sounds and jiving rhythms of Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey, Duke Ellington, Frank Sinatra, the Andrews Sisters and many more unforgettable, indelible swing artists. Against the contrast of war, great melodies and lyrics energized by the big bands featuringsaxophones, trumpets, trombones and rhythm sections, gave everyone faith in their heartsand a reminder of what they were fighting for.

For over 2 hours, this big retro event will hold audiences enthralled with its singers, dancers and period costumes, fine orchestral arrangements, vocalists delivering songs from the era, choreographed dance routines and shear theatrical pizzazz! IN THE MOOD introduces a new generation to the swing, rhythm and jazzy sentimental and patriotic music of a pivotal time in American history, when everyone listened to, and danced to the same music.

Nineteen cast members including the sensational Stringof Pearls Big Band Orchestra and In the MoodSingers & Dancers bring more than fifty unforgettable hits to the stage including Chattanooga Choo Choo, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (of Company B), In The Mood, Sing, Sing, Sing, On The Sunny Side of the Street and so much more!

With music arrangements written by Vic Schoen, the conductor for the Andrews Sisters and Musical Director for Universal and Paramount Pictures, along with sizzling choreography from Broadway veteran Alex Sanchez, IN THE MOOD is high-energy, world class family entertainment that pays a heart-felt tribute to the service men and women of World War II and is loved throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

Whether it’s your first time or your fourth,this show will do more than just get you IN THE MOOD, it will reaffirm your spirit!

The interview was done by Chris Durrant with Bud Forrest – the producer.

What era do the songs of the show belong to.

The first right answer will get a double pass for the show.

Please email answer to

Gutenberg! The Musical!  


After a critically acclaimed season in 2016, Gutenberg! The Musical is bringing back the laughs, this time to the Subiaco Arts Centre in June.

The knee slappingly funny, musical-spoof about two ambitious writers, Bud and Doug, and their first (cross your fingers) Broadway smash, is showing as part of the Subiaco Theatre Festival from the 27th of June.

Taking the form of a “backers’ audition”, Bud and Doug introduce their new project – a big, splashy musical about Johann Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press. With relentless enthusiasm and misguided optimism, they sing all the songs and play all the parts in their historical epic, hoping one of the producers in attendance will give them a shot at Broadway stardom.

Featuring Andrew Baker and Fringe World favourite Tyler Jacob Jones, the show had audiences and critics raving and gasping for breath in its original season.

“Gutenberg is really like nothing you’ve ever seen before – but you’ll want to see it again,” says Baker. “We’ve already had people buy tickets who saw it last time”.The madcap musical comedy written by New Yorkers Anthony King and Scott Brown, ran Off-Broadway and has been seen by audiences around the world. Its appeal reaches to lovers of musicals and comedy fans.

The Subiaco Theatre Festival runs through June at the Subiaco Arts Centre, and features a showcase of exciting and innovative performances from independent WA artists and producers.

Gutenberg! The Musical!

Runs: 27 – 30 June at Subiaco Arts Centre, Hammersley Rd, Subiaco

Shows: 7.30pm (run time – 80 mins)

Booking information: available at

Facebook Event:

About the Company:

Western Sky Theatre produces cabaret and chamber musical theatre in Western Australia. It aims to offer creative opportunities for musical theatre professionals who have a WA connection

The interview was done by Jane Sherwood with one of the cast Andrew Baker.




Jarod. Lilly. Deanna. Michael. Ryan. April.

Six people who know Josh, an aspiring artist and a troubled young man. When Josh declares that he wishes to end his life, these six are forced to re-examine their relationships: with him, with one another, and with themselves.

The Edgeis a dynamic new musical, originally staged in Malaysia and coming to Perth for the first time. A production that peers over the edge of the human condition and leaps into the complicated nature of relationships, it asks questions about affect, responsibility – and ultimately, forgiveness.

“a powerful play with characters that speak directly to audiences” – New Straits Times, Malaysia

“The Edge is very unique in how it doesn’t depict the act, and is not interested in shock value or shouting in an audience’s face. It is firmly about those left behind, grappling with questions of if they could have done more and wondering if they were in some way responsible. We question the past, replaying it in our minds, looking for ways we could have done things differently; and it is all too futile. Even on a macro-level, with the general despair and insecurity around the environment, economy, and political spheres, shows like The Edge are needed now more than ever; while the content may be heavy, the hope contained within is so important and vital to so many people. That is why I want to make this show.”

– Levon J Polinelli |Director &Producer

“It is my hope that The Edge’s upcoming season at The Blue Room Theatrewill serve as yet another vehicle through which conversation on mental health issues can happen in Perth; and that other people who undergo self-doubt, self-esteem issues and self-loathing – all trademarks of depression – will see themselves reflected in the characters, to give them some small comfort in the knowledge that they are not alone in their struggles.” – Nick Choo |Writer

Director and Producer: Levon J Polinelli / Book, Music and Lyrics: Nick Choo / Featuring: Claudia Van Zeller, Emerson Brophy, Grace Johnson, Madeleine Shaw, Philip Lynch, Tate Bennett / Musical Director: Harry Oliff / Designer: Sara Chirichilli / Stage Manager: Thomas Dimmick

About the Company

Catface Productions was formed out of a desire to bring to Perth audiences great live entertainment across theatre, comedy, cabaret; and to work alongside and foster artists to develop works to their full potential. In its maiden year, Catface produced nine shows at FRINGE WORLD 2017 with numerous sold-out sessions, stellar reviews, a Best Comedy nomination, and over a thousand dollars raised for local charities.


Preview 29th May 2018

Season 30th May – 16th June 2018

The Blue Room Theatre

Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge, Western Australia

Bookings/info: / 08 9227 7005

The interview was done by Malti Elliott with the director Levon Polinelli


Mellen Events Present

Direct from the U.S.A.& U.K. with a cast of West End Stars


Celebrating the music of FrankiValli&The Four Seasons

★★★★★A Massive 5 Star hitReno Press

newjerseyTake an exciting musical journey through the career of one of the biggest-selling groups of all-time, in this spectacular celebration of the music of FrankiValli&The Four Seasons!

From the back street studio in New Jersey where it all began, this vibrant production includes all of The Four Seasons’ greatest hits, including Sherry, Rag Doll, Big Girls Don’t Cry, Walk Like A Man, Let’s Hang On, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You and many more.

With a sensational cast of award winning West End singers and dancers, complete with a live band on stage, you won’t want to miss this musical extravaganza!

New Jersey Nights has smashed box office records right across the USA and UK and is proving to be one of the most successful touring shows of all time.

From the promotors who took you back to the roaring twenties with the hugely popular In The Mood theatre tour in 2016, and through the Golden Era of Hollywood with the 2017 Puttin’ On The Ritz theatre tour, New Jersey Nights promises to be one of the must see premiere musical theatre events of 2018.

Listen to a podcast of the interview of Chris Durrant with one of the main stars of Jersey Nights Ricky .

Brilliant show, perfect harmonies, the crowd went wild– Liverpool Echo

A thrilling concert – a 5 star performance – a must

A Brilliant production – The Theatrical event of the year! – News and Press

5 Star Fabulous!– New York Press

The Standing Ovations say it all– The International Post

Mellen Events Present


Celebrating the music of Franki Valli &The Four Seasons

BREC, Bunbury WA

Tuesday 3 April 2018 – 7:30pm

1300 661 272

Mandurah Performing Arts Centre, Mandurah WA

Wednesday 4 April 2018 – 7:30pm

(08) 9550 3900

Regal Theatre, Perth WA

Thursday 5 April 2018 – 7:30pm

Friday 6 April 2018 – 2pm

Friday 6 April 2018 – 7:30pm

1300 795 012


Music by Dean Bryant, Lyrics by Mathew Frank

An exciting Australian musical will receive its WA premiere at The Blue Room Theatre in October.

Blue room1Once We Lived Here centres around Amy (Taryn Ryan), who runs her family’s sheep station ‘Emoh Ruo’, in rural Australia. She’s held onto the property through drought, bushfire, and falling wool prices, determined not to let it slip out of the family grasp. Over a scorching long weekend, the family gathers, and Amy has to face up to the myths and lies the place has been built upon.blueroom2

Written by the critically acclaimed team of Dean Bryant & Mathew Frank (themselves WAAPA graduates from the 1990s), this full-length musical is an authentically Australian story, with a uniquely Australian sound. The debut season in Melbourne received a Green Room Award for Best New Musical, and was described by Geoffrey Rush as “a beautiful, poignant piece of home-grown music theatre”. The Age newspaper described it as “musical theatre full of life, emotion and renewal”


Preview 17th October 2017

Season 19th October – 4th November 2017

All shows at 8.30pm and include an interval

The Blue Room Theatre, Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge

Bookings/info: / 08 9227 7005

The interview was done by Malti Elliott with the director Andrew Baker.


 Mellen EventsPresent

 For the first time in Australia

Direct from the U.K.with a cast of West End stars

 Featuring the Music of Irving Berlin, Cole Porter & George Gershwin

ritzTravel back to the golden age of Hollywood where melody, rhythm and dance was king! The dazzling theatre spectacle Puttin’ On The Ritz– with special guest Rob Mills, brings to life the music of Irving Berlin, Cole Porter and George Gershwin.

Touring the countryfor the very first time this August &September, and starring Australia’s own golden boyRob Mills,along withan acclaimed cast of West End stars direct from the U.K. Puttin’ On The Ritz is the must see premiere musical theatre event for 2017.

Putting on the ritz2Cheek to Cheek, Alexander’s Rag Time Band, Birth of the Blues, Swanee, Night and Day, I Got Rhythm, Easter Parade, Puttin On The Ritzand so many more. The most famous songs of the Golden Age of Hollywood are recreated live on stage with award winning singers and dancers in glittering costume.

From the company who took you back to the roaring twenties with the hugely popular In The Mood theatre tour in 2016, Puttin’ On The Ritz is an all-singing, all-dancing celebration of some of the most iconic music of all time.Putting on the ritz1

Starring Rob Mills, the new face of Australian theatrewho first came to the country’s attention as a finalist on Australian Idol and has gone on to become a bona fide theatre star in his own right. Rob has appeared in numerous productions including prime roles in Legally Blonde, Wicked, Grease, Hairspray and Ghost the Musical. His matinee idol good-looks and acting talent can currently be seen during his guest role on the perennial Australian TV soap favourite Neighbours.

The show is produced by David King, one of the most successful theatrical producers ever to come out of the UK. David has had hit shows all over the world, owns his own theatres in America and, at any one time, up to 20 of his shows are appearing around the globe, to the highest critical acclaim. Credited with bringing musicals to the masses and affectionately known as “the working man’s Andrew Lloyd Webber”, David’s shows have toured in more than 30 countries, and he is the first producer from the Western world to have three consecutive tours in China, playing to over a million people.

Puttin On The Ritz delivered a brilliant and nostalgic night out! The audience loved every single minute of this show. The singing was top class, and the dancing even better.

Edinburgh press                 

A glittering extravaganza that has the audience cheering for more.

Norwich evening news

 A decadent visual treat. A wonderful reminder of times gone by.

What’s on Theatre

HIT Productions in association with Luckiest Productions presents

Everybody Loves Lucy

I love Lucy 1Written by Elise McCann & Richard Carroll

Directed by Helen Dallimore

Lucille Ball was the Queen of American comedy for decades. As television’s biggest star in I Love Lucy -the most popular sitcom in American history – the wacky, fearless, and totally endearing Lucy broke the mold for the way women were allowed to behave on TV.

Lucy was joined every step of the way by her real-life and on-screen husband Desi Arnaz. I love Lucy4Together they defied conventions and expectations, and ensured total control by creating their own studio. Lucy and Desi held up a fun-house mirror to every marriage in America – exaggerating and making amusing every idiosyncrasy of married life. But as Lucy’s popularity thrived, her relationship with Desi suffered both professionally and privately.

Generations of fans love Lucy Ricardo for her impulsive, foolhardy and child-like charm – but the produI love lucy3cer of I Love Lucy once said “Lucille Ball is about as different from Lucy Ricardo as anyone could possibly be.” She was a dedicated professional whose seemingly effortless comedy was a result of rigorous attention to detail and fanatical rehearsing.

I love Lucy 2Everybody Loves Lucy stars Jayde Westaby, an acclaimed musical theatre performer, originally from the UK, whose West End credits include Grease, West Side Story, Jersey Boys and Chicago. And Steven Kreamer as Desi Arnaz, most recently been Associate Musical Director on Little Shop of Horrors (Tinderbox/Luckiest) and Rent (Highway Run).

Brimming with Lucille Ball’s irrepressible spirit Everybody Loves Lucy is a tribute to a true trail-blazer. This cabaret-style show is a a treat for audiences young and old.

Interview by Malti with Jayde Westaby

 The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of WA
will be presenting this double bill at the Subiaco Art Centre from 14 – 17th October 2015.trial by Jury

Trial by Jury was the second collaboration of Sullivan with WS Gilbert. Edwin promised to marry Angelina then left her in the lurch. In a breach of promise suit the learned judge sings one of the most famous of the G&S patter songs which includes the line “she may very well pass for forty three in the dusk with the light behind her”! Like all G&S it has a hilarious and happy ending.
Cox and Box was written by FC Burnand with music by the then young Arthur Sullivan. Mr Cox works during the day (and is home at night) and Mr Box works at night (and is consequently home during the day). The unscrupulous landlord has rented the same room to both of them and thus collects double rent! This works well until the day they come home at the same time -then the fun really starts!
Director: Alan Needham
Musical Director: Michael Brett
Featuring :Justin Freind

Listen to an interview conducted by Chris Durrant with the director Alan Needham.


The Music Theatre Company of WA MEDIA RELEASE

30 July 2015



Finalist on the TV talent show “Priscilla – Queen of the Desert”, Perth actor Brendan Hanson will play Curly McLain in Oklahoma, produced by the new production company Musae – The Music Theatre Company of WA (Inc.)., at The Regal Theatre 17th-26th September 2015.

A dark horse when it comes to talent, Brendan played Jean Valjean in Les Miserables, Rum Turn lugger in Cats as well as many roles for the Black Swan Theatre Company and was Assistant Director for WA Opera’s Marriage of Figaro as well as Lecturer and a Director of operas at WAAPA.

“Curly is a role that was made famous on the big screen by Gordon MacRae many years ago, and much later on the stage by WAAPA graduate Hugh Jackman, ” said Brendan, ” Adam Mitchell the Director ( Black Swan) and I are looking forward to a special interpretation to this romantic character,” he said.

Playing the role of Curly’s love-interest is opera singer Emma Petteremides who was the spectacular diva Carlotta in The Phantorr cf the Opera last year.

To complete the love-triangle, Ian Cross will play the darkly brooding Jud Fry (previously Brendan’s protagonist as Javert in Les Miserables and last year Captain von Trapp in The Sound of Music.)Oklahoma

Supported by a talented chorus of emerging WAAPA talent and the MUSAE Orchestra, Oklahoma will be conducted by Founder and Musical Director Ian Westrip 0AM.

Winner of the 2015 Performing Arts WA Best Actor award – Igor Sas is the conniving Ali Hakim and the wise and insightful Aunt Eller, will be played by the magnificent Alinta Carroll.

This new company MUSAE proudly sponsored by Zetta and supporting the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, presents Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma playing matinees and evenings from September 17th (Preview) – Sat 26th Sept including matinees.

Tickets are already on sale – book through Ticketek on 132 849 or at

Further information is available at

Click to listen to an interview by Chris with Emma Pettemerides

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