Malti Elliott

I have always had a passionate interest in theatre from my university days. When I came out to Australia I attended numerous shows and once again my love for theatre was re-ignited. I therefore got involved with a radio station and started my own program on Art and entertainment. As the world is going viral, I decided to start my own website here at This website deals with information and interviews with many artistes, performers and directors.

Please feel free to wander around the website and discover the joys of the Perth Entertainment Scene


I’m a 70yr old retired teacher who was born in London, England and, while training as a teacher (and majoring in drama) began a love affair with film in the West End, when some of the great directors at the time were Fellini, Antonioni, Zeffireli, Ingmar Bergman and Kubrick. I shall never forget the furore that Kubrick’s 2001:A Space Oddysey caused in 1968 when there were violent arguments in the street outside the cinema. For me, it’s one of the greatest films of all time and became the subject for my major paper in Film Studies at ECU in Churchlands. Being a drama student, I also acted in many productions from Shakespeare to Pinter and was fortunate to see some great theatre productions, such as Strindberg’s Dance of Death, starring Sir Laurence Olivier.

Shortly after retiring, I took a more active interest in Film, beginning a film group of people I emailed reviews to (plus items of special interest and even ‘alert’ notices of fine films being screened on tv) and attending almost every PIAF film at my beloved Somerville auditorium in the grounds of UWA. When I was invited to attend media screenings by Tony Bective of Luna Leederville, I expanded my activities to an almost full-time (voluntary) occupation. Perth has a lively Festival calendar, hosting French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Scandinavian, etc. as well as the Internationals such as Revelation and the Perth International Film Festival (both of which I just love).

I’m passionate about film and love turning people on to great films that they may find truly rewarding. It’s an honour and a privilege to be able to mix with wonderful people I’ve met in and around films and Festivals and to talk and write about films.

Chris Durrant

Like many of us, I have wide interests in music and other forms of entertainment, ranging from classical symphonies to musical theatre, from Gilbert and Sullivan to the Beatles. Although I have never earned my living on the stage (my career included financial management, pig farming, and school-teaching!) I have been an enthusiastic amateur participant on the boards from my schooldays to the present. I love talking to people who are professionals and, if I can help inform you all about their efforts, so much the better for everybody!

Jane Sherwood

Theatre and performance has been in my blood since school days. As life has taken over sometimes I have drifted in and out of performing over the years. In 2005 I was a founding member of Phoenix Theatre and since then fuelled my passion with many performances, TV commercials, short films and directed over 20 productions. I have worked with many theatre groups in Perth including Black Swan, old Mill, Phoenix theatre, Stirling Players, Arena Arts and A Lad insane productions to name a few.