Redefining Resilience: A Perth Comedian’s Remarkable Journey to FRINGE WORLD. Perth comedian Emma Krause has conquered her fears and is set to captivate audiences with her upcoming debut FRINGE WORLD show, 40+Fabulous.

 This enlightening comedy hour is the culmination of Krause’s transformative journey into the world of stand-up, promising to entertain and inspire all who attend, 19 January – 17 February 2024.

 Krause, a former teacher, has achieved remarkable success since starting comedy at age 40: touring the country as a member of award-winning comedy trio The Motherhood (also performing at FRINGE WORLD); appearing as a 2019 finalist on Australia’s Got Talent; and starring as Sue Finley in the Oz Loto “Loteree” commercials.

 Krause reflects on her comedy journey, explaining none of it would’ve happened, had she not overcome her limiting beliefs and fears – the first one being a fear of public speaking. “My fears were huge. I had to talk at a school assembly once. I was sweaty and dizzy beforehand. My hands were shaking so badly, I couldn’t even hold the microphone still,” said Krause. With persistence and determination, Krause has silenced the inner fears that once held her back.

In 40+Fabulous she outlines the ups and downs of this personal journey and celebrates the growth and success she has found along the way. “I didn’t realise how comedy would transform so many areas of my life. In the beginning, I just knew I wanted to try it, and it scared me. Seven years on, I have this confidence, resilience and strength I’ve gained because of it. For me, the fulfilment has been not in achieving my goals but in who I’ve become in pursuit of them.” Audiences can expect an evening filled with laughter, connection, and the realisation that doubts and insecurities should never hinder one’s pursuit of their dreams.

 Emma Krause will perform 40+Fabulous throughout January and February at the Balmoral Hotel in Vic Park, Ivy & Jack and The Laugh Resort Comedy Club in Perth city, The Sail & Anchor in Fremantle, and The Kalamunda Hotel.

The interview was done by Malti Elliott with Emma Krause.

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